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Valence Massage in Springfield, MO

Offering relief through massage, neuromuscular, and manual therapy techniques.

Physical therapy services coming soon!

I completed my DPT just in time. Missouri passed direct access for patients! This law goes in to effect in late August and will allow me to maintain my independence! You will not need a referral to receive PT services.

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Massage is not a luxury. It should be a regular part of every normal, healthy lifestyle.


Massage improves quality of life, reduces blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety, and helps to control pain.  Touch has a powerful effect on mood and well-being; massage has been shown to be as effective as psychotherapy for anxiety and depression.

Recipients of massage can be anyone, from professional and Olympic athletes to cancer patients, from infants in the NICU through palliative care. Massage is available to everyone from the ultra-rich in swanky spas to the folk healers found in the poorest places in the world.


Valence is proud to be an independent, locally owned and operated business serving people in Southwest Missouri since 2012.

About the Owner/Therapist:

Dr. Jon Tallerico has worked as a massage therapist in Springfield, MO since 2008. He is passionate about using the power of touch to reduce suffering. He is happy to work with people from all walks of life.  The youngest person he has worked with was a newborn, and the oldest in her late 90s. He has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Movement Science and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Missouri State University. He is a certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and is soon to be a licensed physical therapist. He is skilled and experienced in Prenatal and Postnatal massage, Sports and Vocational Injuries, and modern pain science. He is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage, Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, and Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment Technique.  Other than being a physical therapist and a massage therapist, he is an avid gardener and computer geek.

Nationally certified in therapeutic massage
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